Stand Up Desk Store Electric Adjustable Height Standing Desk with Programmable Memory (Black Frame/Teak Top, 72 inch wide)

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  • Model: B04_49681392

STANDING DESK BENEFITS: Like all Stand Up Desk Store products, this premium electric sit stand desk helps you enhance well-being and productivity. SPACIOUS DESKTOP: Measures a generous 70.9 inches by 59 inches, giving you plenty of room for monitors, paperwork, and more. EXTENDED HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: Three stage telescoping legs allow this adjustable height desk to achieve a lower minimum height and a higher maximum height, so it can comfortably accommodate virtually all users. DUAL ELECTRIC MOTORS: A pair of robust electric motors enable this height adjustable desk to lift up to 220 pounds, giving you ample capacity for multiple monitor setups and heavier equipment. A programable keypad remembers your favorite settings. EASY ASSEMBLY: This electric adjustable desk assembles in minutes. The key is the specially-designed, pre-assembled frame. Simply remove it from the box, unfold the legs, attach the feet and arms, then attach the tops. If youve wanted to enjoy the many benefits that standing desks offer, need maximum space, but dread a complicated setup, the Stand Up Desk Store Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk with Programmable Memory and EZ Assemble Frame is an ideal choice. Thanks to an innovative frame design, it comes almost entirely assembled. All you need to do is unfold the legs, attach the feet and arms, then attach the tops. Once assembled, the three-stage telescoping legs offer an impressive 25.6 inches of push-button electric height adjustment, so you can easily set the stand up desk to any height between 26 inches all the way up to 51.6 inches. This allows users of virtually any height to effortlessly transition between sitting and standing at a rate of 1.2 per second. Since the programmable keypad will remember your favorite settings, you can find your preferred positions with just the touch of a button. Other user-friendly features of this adjustable height desk is the dual-motor design, which lets you raise and lower up to 220 pounds. Measuring a massive 70.9 by 59 inches, you can enjoy extra room for triple monitors (or more), additional equipment, or simply one of the roomiest work surfaces available. An exclusive anti-collision mechanism prevents you from accidentally lowering the desk on top of objects underneath. Independently tested and certified for quality and safety. It comes with included furniture glides. 2-inch casters with locking brakes are available separately.